Print a timeline


does anyone know how to print at timeline?


Hi @steve_connelly. That’s not possible at the moment, but this is only the start of Timeline, and printing is definitely on our radar!


You can still do a screenshot and print it.
2nd option until Asana has built in this feature is to use and print this version.

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Steve Connelly


Hello Marie, thank you for replying. Do you have any idea as to when this feature would be made available?


I don’t have any precise ETA to share @Nyanga_V_Tyitapeka, but we have a full team working on developing/improving the timeline feature at the moment! For the latest updates, keep an eye on our release notes and our blog :slight_smile:


Cool I will surely keep an eye on Asana’s release notes.



Any status on this?

A schedule that fits on the screen doesn’t really work. Excel can do a Ghantt Chart with a bit of code, but one reason to use this platform is to move away from Office.


Not just yet @Eric_Kirchner but I’m keeping a close eye on this and will update this thread as soon as I hear anything. Thank you so much for your patience!


I have reluctantly added yet another 3rd party app,, but it does work. I really don’t like adding all these permissions.


Marie, is this feature firmly in-plan or does it e.g. need to be voted on?
… any news to share??


Hi @Werner_Beck, this is definitely something we’re working on but I’m afraid I don’t have any update to share just yet. Will make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!


Another vote for being able to print timeline :slight_smile:


+1 for this functionality :slight_smile:


1 vote from me and +10 votes from my team


+1 from me and +25 from our team; +450 from our whole institute and +4,000 from our external collaborators & stakeholders (to whom we need to send this timeline…).

Even if the rendered image/.pdf doesn’t fit on one page it’s fine - just something to easily print!


I’m throwing my vote in as well. We work with many stakeholders that don’t have access or don’t want to look on screen. It would be very handy to print off a timeline summary for the purpose of meeting and take-aways.


+1 for this request


+1 for this request. The Asana product team need to run through scenarios for presenting information in Asana and they’ll see huge gaps. How would I present a gantt in a meeting in powerpoint - You need a way to get all info into a screen.

I am testing PPM at the moment but even that is missing a lot at the moment.


+1 for this request