Add Export/Print function for Goals

We are in the process of doing the same - without this functionality, my recommendation will be not to use Asana and pivot towards a more sophisticated goals application. It would indeed be powerful to link portfolios, projects, department goals etc. however the limited functionality and basic ability to export and print for Boards etc. is a complete barrier to moving forward (glad we did not spend too much time testing this functionality (but was shocked to have entered 17 goals not to be able to print/export!)

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Yes, this would be great with an export function. Just tested and we won’t use it either due to this function not being available.

Reporting out goals is impossible without this feature. My leadership is pushing back on using Asana for goals at all since this feature does not exist.

This is also essential for us to be able to assess YE bonuses. We have to go through and manually calculate each person’s goal achievement score…


+1 to this critical functionality

The goal export functionality is critical

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With the growth of our company, it becomes too complicated to copy-past Asana Goals in other platforms. We’ll have to stop using them and downgrade our subscription unfortunately.

Very critical feature - the whole OKR philosophy we are using is being dependent on being able to export goals for a better high level overview


+1 for adding this to make the Goals function practical by allowing for an export or, at a minimum, a view that displays all goals and subtasks and notes in their entirety. Truncated and collapsed goals and no option to export makes it impossible to hand over or review a full snapshot of what has been included.

This is something I’m trying to do too and resulting to print screen function as a work around. The likelihood of board members actually accessing asana, working out where to look and then trying to interpret the information is practically zero. Please add this function asap :grin:

+1 for me as well, I didn’t even realize this wasn’t possible or I might not have had my team switch over to Asana for goals tracking this year. Very disappointed and about to have to do a lot of manual work…

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This functionality would be so helpful! Is there any word on whether this functionality is coming?

I would LOVE to see this functionality. We have production workers that don’t use asana, but we want to be able to print the goals for visibility across the company. There’s currently no good way to export or print the goals out!

3 years after starting this thread, still wondering why this basic idea is not a thoughtfully-designed part of Asana. Nice to see so many people agree.
@Emily_Roman, any update?

It’s coming very soon, @Danny_Drachsler! :slight_smile: I will post an update in this post once we start rolling out this update.


Hi everyone, thanks for all feedback you have shared on this thread. We heard all your suggestions and today, I’m thrilled to announce we just rolled out Goals CSV export :tada:

With this new feature, you can now export Company Goals or Team Goals data into a spreadsheet, so you can easily present this information to any audience.

Please note, the export takes your current filters into account and also export related goal information such as reference work, latest status update, and more!

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions via the Tips and Tricks category.