Reassign all tasks from one person to another person

My coordinator no longer works here and we have several templates/“projects.” Is there a way to reassign all tasks from one person to another either in a project or overall? For now, just the projects would be great vs having to retype the new person’s name each time. Thank you!

Hello @Alexandra_DeFelice and welcome to the Asana Forum :wave:

Which Asana plan do you have?
If Premium you can go into the Admin Console, remove the team members and select to whom the tasks should be assigned to as explained here: Admin Console • Asana

Now if you are not a premium member you can still deprovision someone from an Organization
In that case though you will have to bulk reassign tasks (You can easily multi-select tasks in list view)

Now in case your coordinator did have private tasks that were not added to a project then you can not really access them (if you have a free account). Maybe you can ask the coordinator to reassign all tasks?

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