Bulk replace an assignee

When someone leaves the company, is there a way to re-assign all that person’s tasks to someone else (i.e. his/her replacement) without changing them all individually?


If you do a search for tasks assigned to them, you can grab then in groups of 50 and change the assignee all at once.


Brilliant! Thank you.

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I’ve had this exact scenario and resolved it two ways, but i’m the admin for our company:

Disable leaving employee, all tasks are put in a private project in my private team. I go in and reassign groups of tasks to a new employee or assign some to others in the appropriate department. Sometimes tasks are just left private in that space or deleted.

If the employee had lots of projects and tasks that you wish to maintain the architecture of, I would do the reassignment on a per task/project basis so as to keep everything structured.

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We need a procedure to move the assign from a user to other.
By now we need to do it 50 tasks by time.

I am sure it is that I am not proficient - but can you describe how you “grab” them to change the assignee? I have a search up but cannot figure out how to change them all at once

Hi @tweaver , welcome to the forum!

You can click on the first task, hold shift, click on the last task and then change assignee on one task or use the pop up black toolbar at the bottom of your screen :slight_smile: