migrate tasks from one team member to another

how can we migrate all tasks from one (leaving) team member to a new person joining the team? (essentially replace one team member with a new person and email). thanks

Hello @Ake_Rudolf welcome to the forum! From the Admin console, when you delete a user you’ll have the opportunity to reassign that person’s tasks to someone else.

See more detatils at Admin Console • Asana Product Guide


many thanks for tips how to migrate tasks. However when I want to do that I see only the option to move projects included completed tasks. Not tasks itselfs.
Any tips?

Hi @Josef_Svoboda all tasks assigned to the person you’re removing will be put into one project and this project will be re-assigned to whoever you choose. So in your case all Tomas tasks will be put in a project called “Tomas tasks” and this project will be shared with you so you can re-assign these tasks to yourself (or to whoever else should take them over).

The screenshot shared by @TrevorWiser looks slightly different but does the exact same thing than yours. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

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