How to move a task from one project to another?


I am not looking for multihoming, so let’s not go there. I want to be able to move a task from one project to another, simply and elegantly. I do not want to copy a task from one to another, then perform another 2 to 5 clicks in order to delete it from the first project. (I can’t even figure out how to do that without actually deleting the copied task too.) If I have to do this for each and every task I send by email to myself, well, I’d prefer to burn my hair off. Seriously – is there no way to simply MOVE a task from one project to another? Is copying the only option? Please explain.


You can drag a task and drop it on the project in the left side bar. I think this is the easiest way to change the project a task belong to.

Second option, from the task view panel, you add it to the new project, and then click on the little cross to make it dissappear from the first project. From this task panel, you can even choose the section of your project the task will belong to.


I can do a quick video if you can’t manage to do it :wink:


I did what you said and it worked - so that’s good. But I’m not yet entirely clear. (I think I’m confused by trying to piece together the situation from other forum posts - some written by others who are also trying to figure things out.)

The thing I really need to know is…

If I email a task to myself at, it appears in My Tasks (which, I guess is not really a “project” but I’d been framing it that way for the purposes of copy/move). I can then drag to copy (not move) it to any project. It then resides in two places: My Tasks and whatever new project I copied it to. I cannot delete either one without deleting both. I do not want it to remain in My Tasks. I want to clear My Tasks regularly by putting my tasks in projects.

Maybe I’m using My Tasks wrong.

How do I move it from My Tasks?


MyTasks is a view of all the tasks that are assigned to you. Then if you really want to remove them from MyTasks then you need to not assign them to you.

It is important that you also understand that the task in your MyTasks are not a copy, this is just a synthetic view of all what you need to do, and any modifications from your MyTasks or from the project will be visible on the task, as each task is unique.

Here is a link to clarify the MyTasks feature:


This thread goes beyond moving items in My Tasks, but for a basic understanding of My Tasks and how it functions, this thread helped me a lot. How do you organize your to-dos in My Tasks?

And for the record, multi-homing does work for moving tasks from projects too - just not going to work in My Tasks because MT is not a project. But, yes, drag and drop is faster.


Before I spend another hour looking at documentation (and I thank you all for the links), maybe I can back up and ask a simpler question. I can do the following in virtually any other project management program (Wunderlist comes to mind). What I want to do is this:

  1. Send an email with a task to Asana.
  2. Later, open Asana and see the task I emailed to myself.
  3. Move the task into the appropriate project.

That’s it. Can I do this?

I am not on a team. I am not “assigning” anything to anyone; it’s just me. Sending an emailed task to automatically puts it in MyTasks. I didn’t choose that.


Hi @Kirsten_Loop! What about creating a project for all task you create from your email. You could email these tasks directly to this specific project and simply move them to another project when you’re viewing them via Asana. To move a task to another project, simply use the “TAB + P” shortcut to open the project field and add/remove any project you’d like.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!


@Marie Yes! Great idea. I will do this! Many thanks to all of you for helping.


You’re very welcome @Kirsten_Loop, hope to see you again on the Community Forum! :slight_smile:


Sorry to come to the thread late, but my solution to this is to set up contacts in my address book for each of my Asana projects and then to email directly to the project I want. I do also have a ‘default’ project which I send tasks I haven’t thought much about to and from which I use drag_and_drop. I’d also put in a vote for tab-P on any task, which jumps you straight to the project select box for a task - sometimes quicker than drag_and_drop.