Permanently moving a task from my tasks to a project

Is this possible without it being copied (duplicated) in two places?

The inbox on MY Tasks is getting bigger and bigger

Hello @raj7, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

You can add a task to various projects: Connecting your work | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

This way you can also move the task to add it to a project and remove it from another

Any task assigned to you will show under “My Tasks”
Here is a nice explanation as well: Move task from "My Task" to a different project - #2 by Charlie_Pilch

Thanks Andrea, I have watched videos explaining how to move from one project to another and then deleting it from the first project. My query is about moving it from My Tasks to a project, then being able to delete it from My tasks without the task being deleted from the Project folder as well

I’ll be sure to watch the links you have provided to see if the answer is in there

Tasks will not show in “My Tasks” when they are not assigned to you.
My tasks is not separate project per see.
What you could do is maybe create a separate section under “My tasks” for tasks that are just there as reference but not showing up in the other sections you have under “My Tasks”


It may not be intuitive, but this is what many of use the My Tasks “Later” section for: Tasks that must remain in My Tasks (must remain assigned to you) but you want them hidden. I keep Later collapsed and almost never open it. For more info, see my article:


Thanks. Maybe it can’t be done in Asana or maybe I am just not explain it well enough. I’ll try and use and example

In My Tasks, I add “Contact so and so” for potential inclusion into a magazine article. The magazine in question has been set up a project.

I make contact. I tick the task as done and it’s a positive outcome. I now move the entry to the project folder for future…however, the entry still stays in My Tasks.

If I delete it, it will also get deleted in the Project

Now I only want the entry in the Project Folder and no longer in My Tasks

Does that make more sense of what I trying to figure out?

Perhaps a screenshot would help. I have spoke to Alex, ticked the task as done and moved him to the project folder called YPN.

I cannot remove Alex from MyTask (ever?) as this would delete it from YPN

I hope that makes more sense

In your case if you do not want to show it as done you could set a rule to unassign the task from you when completed.

Also it seems your view is set to show all tasks instead of just incomplete.
Maybe you refer to this? You can amend this when clicking on „All Tasks“ on the top then change it to „Incomplete“.

And then click „Save as default“ so the view will be saved.

Ok will try that. But it’s not addressing what I would like to achieve, so a workaround sound like the best option

Unassign to myself has been mentioned a few times. It’s only me. I am not part of a team (yet)


I think having the incomplete option as default is probably the best option

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That‘s fine. You could still create a project to which all tasks are added to. And then if you unassigned tasks when done they will still be in this project but no longer in my tasks.

But yeah the other options listed above work well too.