How to Move Project Task to "My Tasks"

Last year, before I understood how asana My Tasks worked, I created a “Brian’s Tasks” project and put my personal tasks list there. I would like to move those tasks out of the project and to “My Tasks”.

I first tried to move them changing the project they are assigned to but “My Tasks” is not listed. Probably because it is not a project. However you cannot delete the last project a task is assigned to, which I assume would move it to My Tasks. And copy/pasting will not include the details, comments, or files attached in the task.

Is there a clever work around?

@briankb, If you click on one of those tasks and change the Assignee field to yourself the task will now appear in your My Tasks. And it will, as well, also remain in the “Brian’s Tasks” project. The task now is housed in both places. If you remove it from “Brian’s Tasks,” but leave yourself assigned it will then only appear in your My Tasks.

My Tasks is made up of all tasks for which you are the Assignee.

You can multi-select (up to 50 tasks at a time) and perform either or both the above changes to the set of selected tasks simultaneously to get them to My Tasks efficiently.

To understand how to operate in My Tasks, have a look at:


I can, and did, assign myself to the task which does make it show up in My Tasks but it remains in the project as well.

How do you remove it from Brian’s Tasks without deleting it? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. There is no delete down where you find the Add to Project area of task.

You’re right; this UI is not very helpful (but has been this way for a long time; I think I complained about it when it was implemented years ago).

Just click the pencil (edit) icon shown in your screenshot. Once you do, a small “X” in a circle will appear at the far right; click it to remove the association of the task to the project and leave it in My Tasks (if assigned to you).


thanks! that is a bit of an easter egg but it worked! it’s probably better that it takes some effort so avoid people deleting tasks inadvertently from a project. the UI is good when you have more than one project assigned, there is a clear X.

I appreciate the quick reply and follow up! Now I can complete my asana spring clean up :smiley: