how to move a task to another project?

Hi guys,
I’m new to Asana and I can’t understand how to move a task to another project?

Hi @Ravi_Sharma
Welcome to the Asana community forum!
That’s completely fine, if you are a new user. A new update has been released last month, please check out this post I hope it will solve your issue!




Where is the task now, and to where do you want to move it?

Is it in your “My Tasks” and you want to move it to some other project you created, for example?

Please give more details, or even screenshots.

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Hi @Ravi_Sharma, welcome to the forum! I do this by adding the task the other project, and then removing it from the old project. See the screenshot: if you over over the project line (desktop) you can click the plus sign to add to a new project and the x to remove from the old. Does that make sense?

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