New inverse actions for Rules!

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

:rocket: I’m delighted to announce our Product team has started to roll out some new actions for Rules!

With this new update, we’re adding 5 new inverse actions:

  1. Unassign task
  2. Move task to another project
  3. Clear due date
  4. Mark task incomplete
  5. Remove Collaborators

You will be able to use the above new actions with any of our existing triggers.

:camera_flash: Screenshots:

Unassign task

Move task to another project

Clear due date

Mark task incomplete

Remove Collaborators

These new actions begin rolling out today, May 3, and should be rolled out to 100% of users by May 7 so if you don’t have these new actions just yet, you will very soon!

We hope you enjoy these new actions, and we look forward to hearing what you think in the comments below! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing about new inverse actions for rules in details!


I’ve been waiting for “mark task incomplete” for a while so that kanban rules can unmark done tasks when moved back. Great work thanks!


Couldn’t agree more! This will come in handy going forward!


Love the move to another project and remove collaborators! Opens up so many new possibilities for my team!


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