New! Automation Rule Chaining ⚡

Hi everyone!

We have some exciting news to share with you today! In May we launched inverse actions for Rules and today we’re very excited to share that we are introducing Rule chaining, the ability for Rules to trigger other Rules! :tada:

Rule chaining is designed to help you to reduce the manual effort needed to get your work done from start to finish. Going forward, you will be able to connect multiple Rules together and create a flow of information between more projects and teammates.

A couple of important notes:

  • Rule chaining is disabled for all existing rules.

  • You can enable rule chaining for existing rules following these steps:

    • Edit the rule you want to be triggered by other rules
    • Select the “…” icon in the top right corner
    • Check the box to allow the rule to be triggered by other rules
    • Save changes to rule
  • All new rules will have the rule chaining functionality enabled by default.

  • This feature is available to Premium, Business and Enterprise customers.


Rule A: Status changed > Add to another project

Once the task is added to another project, it will automatically trigger Rule B.

Rule B: Tasks added to another project > Assign task

Please note we are currently rolling out this feature and if it’s not available to you yet it will be available soon.

We hope you enjoy this new option, let us know if you have any questions in the comments below! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update! Will have to rethink some rules I already have.


Hi there. It could be handy to have a tag for this announcements (od begin the post with #business #enterprise) that this is in Business and Enterprise. I always read the news with joy to be finally disappointed this is not in my Premium plan :metal:


HI Asana,

Are you guys working on applying rules to subtask?


Thanks for the update news!

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Hi @Christina_Harris1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! As it stands, for Rules to apply to subtasks, you need to add the subtask to the project. We don’t have immediate plans to create a trigger to take an action on subtasks, I recommend you adding your vote to this thread and we will make sure to post updates as soon as we have any: Allow Rules for Subtasks

Thanks for your feedback, @Marek_Cevelicek! We will definitely start leveraging more the tags function in the forum to give more insights about the product updates.


:fire: :fire: :fire: Thanks for the update Emily! More automation functionality for Rules is always welcome.

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Rules would be a lot more useful if we could make and apply templates.

We have the same rule used in different projects, but need to recreate and manage each instance of the rule seperately.

A ‘master’ rule applicable within a project (e.g. late alert on Slack in a specific channel) would save so much time and make things a lot cleaner


Rule chaining is great, and will certainly simplify our setup!

To take this one step further, it would be helpful to attach rules directly to custom fields, and would apply to any project that uses that custom field. While I don’t have access to the rule chaining feature to test this yet, I assume this can now be more-or-less accomplished by moving a task to a specific project to handle and apply a custom field rule, but it would be simpler to apply the rule to the custom field itself.


Will the number of rules allowed within projects be increased with this? We have a lot of rules currently and would love to see that if they’re chained together it would all be considered one rule.



I always love seeing the constant improvements and features! You guys are sprintmasters!

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Hi @Lester, thanks for your feedback! I recommend you voting for this feature here: Global Rules would rule! Create a library for Rules

@AdR you are right! With Rule chaining, when you move a task to another project a new action will be triggered automatically! The feature will be available to all customers soon so you can test it and ask any follow-up questions, apologies for the delay!

Great question, @Amy_Inman! I’m afraid we are not increasing the number of Rules you can have per project. Each Rule will count as one separate rule even if it will trigger another rule with the new chaining feature. I recommend you voting for this request here: Increase limit of 20 rules per project.

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This is another great update! Thanks for this feature, I can already see several uses for it.

Will get my teeth into it and circle back with some user cases.


This is the first time I think I remember something we have been asking for, actually getting built. Thank You.

Hope this will continue with many other long standing requests

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Hi everyone! Rule Chaining is now available to all customers :tada:

Our product team also confirmed this feature is available to Premium customers too. I have updated the post as I had mentioned it was only available to Business and Enterprise before :slight_smile:


So happy to see the recent improvements to the Rules i.e. inversion rules, and chaining. Are there plans to incorporate more boolean logic, such as If this and not that, or If this and that or this and that then… Also any plans to give priorities to rules, for instance run these rules in a specific sequence. I have some rules that are very close to each other, and I believe that they may be canceling one of them and would love to be able to tell the system to check this rule before moving on, if it applies run it, if not move on to the next rule.

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