Asana Release Notes October 2021

Hi all,

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Weekly Calendar view in My Tasks : Keep track of important deadlines and upcoming tasks, one week at a time with the weekly Calendar view in My Tasks
  • Allow Rules to trigger other Rules : Rules can now trigger other Rules, reducing the manual effort needed to get work done. Read more in the Community Forum
  • Improvements to Universal Reporting filters : Add more than one project filter to a chart, including the ability to exclude specific projects. Learn more about Universal Reporting
  • Find Forms in the Customize menu : Now you can access project Forms in the Customize menu as well as from the Forms tab.

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:


I am so excited about the Calendar view in My Tasks! I have been hoping for this feature for a while :slight_smile:

I do have to say – I am super bummed the neon colors are gone! That was one of my favorite parts of Asana!


Please, develop multifilter! Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views.


I feel like I have always been one of the few who used the Calendar view for My Tasks and I am glad to see it get a revamp as it is now even more useful than before!

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I’m curious if there’s an easy way to get an update in our Slack whenever you post a new release note update.