Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views.

The new project header allows for more visible controls for viewing, sorting, and filtering tasks, adding custom fields, and viewing project activity.

However currently only 1 view can be saved as the default layout.

It would very helpful to be able to save multiple filter views (each with their own URL for bookmarking).


Hey @Tim_Jasper, that’s a great idea. Although this is not possible to achieve at the moment, I will certainly pass on your suggestion to our Product team for consideration. I’m pretty sure our Developers will be interested in reviewing all feedback regarding the new Project headers for future improvements. :slight_smile:


I complete agree that this would be a great feature. As a matter of fact the only reason I decided to come here to the boards was to submit a similar feature request, that the custom views would be saved to the user for the project, not to the entire project so it affects everyone.

Because it’s so good to be able to customize the default filtering for each user.

But the idea from Tim_Jasper for saving multiple filtering with url’s is even better, and to support filtering based on simple URL variables.

I really hope something like this will be added in the near future :slight_smile:


And when I say filter, I’m referring to the whole layout, sort, filter, visible fields etc.


Why is there no option to save filters yet? It is essential in my eyes to properly track certain parts of the project…especially in Board View.


agree saving views by URL would be cool, and having default per person views (as well as generic default). There is a sea of room to add a link next to “All Tasks”? or somewhere: “Views” where a “view” is a combination of: sort, filter, visible fields as Hafthor suggests.

And I’d be immeasurably grateful if the “Filter” had an option to save custom filters too…

And if the “Filter” option were able to be multi-tiered – a little + plus sign! My tasks that are for the my department, vs 3rd party/other departments…

i’d like to add “Sort” function simultaneously allowing multiple sorts (as with my Filter request), e.g. priority & estimated hours…

This would definitely be great feature for power users!!!

Yes please!

Engineering teams could really use this for project backlogs. Would be great to save a filter like “Type: Bug, Sort by: Priority” as a filter for Developers, “Type: New feature, Status: Needs technical approach” for Architects, etc etc.

As an independent contractor, this would be awesome when you have to swap responsibilities, to be able to save this and come back to it. :slight_smile:

Filtering by multiple fields is essential. It is so frustrating not to be able to drill down to the information required. For example tasks assigned to me (Filter1), that are due today (Filter2) or overdue (Filter3) and are also labeled with custom field xx (Filter4) etc. Obviously then saving the custom filters (for all or individually) as URLs would be a logical final step.


Fully agreed: the value and functionality of labels is crucial. I label all tasks and yet cannot view all tasks associated with that label… seems if Asana allows for the designation of an attribute to an item, there should be a way to sort a project by the designation. Example: I use Asana for house renovation — tasks across columns are labeled for masonry, electrical, HVAC, etc. However, I cannot view all electrical tasks at once. There is little value in having the attribute if I can’t sort tasks by their attribute (in this case, labels).


In my opinion this is a must! Being able to filter by multiple criteria or “stack fiters” on top of each other is essential to get an overview of complex projects!

An example: I have a column “STATUS” that gives me the escalation status of a work package = task. It can be set to “OK” , “BLOCKER”, “PROBLEM”.

And then I have a column “PROGRESS” that gives me the possible work and approval stages of a work package = task: “NOT STARTED”, “DEFINITION”, CONCEPT" , “REALIZATION”, APPROVAL", “DEPLOYMENT”.

I need multiple filters to see for example: All tasks that are in realization that have a blocker.
Or: All concepts with problems (problem = escalation and involvement of senior management).

Dear Asana Team,
please give us the possibility to stack different filters!


@Vanessa_N . Asana! Any updates on this? It’s been a year since my original post and still project filters are woeful. We can only filter by one field. It’s ridiculous. This needs to be a priority (along with the saving of filters). Thanks…


How is this still not possible? It’s a basic request! Please can we filter by more than one field. (and save our filters)


I need this feature to have a resume of work hours by different categories

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Thanks for the vote @Cristian_Frenkel, but don’t hold your breath…

@Vanessa_N still no Update? It would be really essential and also an argument to switch to one of your competitors if this feature doesn´t come up any time soon

How come its not possible in Asana to create custom Project Views by filters. Its available in other similar platforms


YES!!! So very frustrating! Reporting on tasks is important, but there are frequently situations when we need to create reports on projects. The fact that this is missing is very frustrating because it seems like it should be basic functionality. Also, more sorting and grouping options are needed. I want to be able to sort by assignee, then group tasks by project.

I’ve used 3 other project management systems in my career at various employers and, while I like Asana overall, the reporting capabilities are lacking in comparison to other solutions. Asana’s advanced reporting is not advanced at all. It just fills in a couple of the holes missing in basic reporting.

Asana, you need to invest in developing your reporting capabilities rather than forcing users to spend more money investing in third party integrations for this. And the third party reporting integrations are not even that great. PLEASE make this a priority. This is a big pain point for our organization and may force us to revaluate Asana as our project management system when we are up for renewal.


Hi @George_Considine and @anon76810009, thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback with us! I’ve gone ahead and send it to our product team so this feature can be considered in future updates. We also have a thread about this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views. to consolidate feedback.

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