Saveable Custom Views at Portfolio level

I’d like the capability to create and save multiple custom views (list views) where each view can show a subset of field, or be filtered based on custom fields.
I have a portfolio that consists of 50 projects and 30 fields. I’d like to create a view ehre only Engineering related fields are visible and use that during engineering sync, and another view that only shows UXR related fields for use in UXR status updates. And so on.


Hey @Shams,
I have found this existing feedback request thread, in case that is of interest?

Or this one also maybe.

And this one: Filter/Groups in Portfolios

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Like a “saved filters” kind of function @Shams - I actually like this request.

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer,
Thanks for the response. The references you’ve shared are more around filtering, but I’m looking more for the ability to have multiple saved views (instead of a single default view).
For example in the List Tab, I’d like to have views specific for Engineering Sync, UXR Sync, Product Sync etc, where I can choose from depending on audience/meeting, and the view would only show relevant fields.
Right now we can select/deselect fields/custom fields and save as default view, but would be great if I could save multiple views.
Hope this helps clarify the request.
Thanks again!

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Hey @Shams
I appreciate this is not going to be an ideal - however you could set up multiple portfolios each with the views you require and ask people to add their projects to all the portfolios (as they can be multi-homed).
Again not ideal, but potentially a workaround to save you having to change filters each time.

Yeah I had thought of that, but In that case, it would be nice to be able to create Rules at portfolio level to automatically add a new project to the other Portfolios, when I create a new project in one of the portfolios…

100% I was just trying to find a way to do this - for new projects it could be doable by creating a blank template project which just has the permissions of automatically adding to all of the portfolios. Then everyone can use your blank new project template to create their projects?