Filter by multiple attributes

Hi Guys,

In a list/board view, is there an option to apply more than one filter? seems like only one filter at a time is available



This is not yet available, you can achieve this by using the search > advanced search.

Hi @Ido_Dueiv, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

As Bastien mentioned, this isn’t yet available however, we do have an existing feature request for this in the #productfeedback category. Feel free to add your vote to this thread if you would like to see this feature in the future:

Thanks a lot for your answers. Appreciate that.

Must say that I am new to Asana, I have experience with several different project management platforms, and Asana is missing too many really basic features.

I Hope Asana’s feature list will be as good as your customer support :slight_smile:

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