Simultaneously filter a project on different field values


A few different technical teams at my company are using asana forms to field requests from account teams, and we’d like the results of this form to feed into separate views per team, without needing to filter each time.

So, for example, one of the custom fields in the request form is “team”, and two of the value options are “Data Science” and “Engineering”. The Data Science and Engineering managers meet separately to go through requests and assign to their team members, and we want to each just see the requests that pertain to our teams.

I’m trying to find a way to have either like each section of the asana list have a specific filter, or have multiple filtered views, sort of the way you can have a set view of a larger table in airtable. I’ve played around and I’m not seeing a way to do this in asana, but I certainly may be overlooking something, or not thinking of a slightly different approach that would also work. Any thoughts?


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Hey @Katie_Gross,

have you played around with advanced search already?

Not sure what Asana plan you are on atm but I think setting up rules will do the trick for what you are trying to achieve :slight_smile:

Alternatively you can set up workflow and automations also with Flowsana.

Hope that helps

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@Katie_Gross if you are on a paid tier (premium, business or enterprise) you can also use Project Dashboards to build specific charts with filters pertaining to each team. Clicking into the data from the chart will take you to an Advanced Search with the same filtered conditions applied.

Read up on Dashboards here: Using charts on project Dashboards to track progress | Product guide • Asana

Advanced Searches is the closest resemblance of Saved Views in Airtable atm. I, too, hope to see future Product Updates that allows users to manage a collection of views (where multiple filters are applied to a List or Board view)


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