How do you filter a project to only view certain team members?

We have a project, PROJECTX that is receiving work from multiple teams. let’s say we have the “Creative” team and the “Development” team both working in the same project. Pretty common. Let’s say there are 4 members from each team in there.

If the Creative Project Manager wants to see, within PROJECTX, only the tasks assigned to Creative Team Members… how do we do that?

One way would be to create a filter with one team’s members like this:

and then click the blue dot near the top right to then Save for everyone.

Perhaps you want make two list-type tabs named Creative Team and Dev Team so you use the regular unfiltered list, or the new ones just by choosing a tab.

Another approach is a “Team” single-select custom field shared in your org library and used in Project X and both source projects, perhaps set by a rule in each source project; you could filter by that instead of the individuals.



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can you clarify what you mean by this? do you mean just opening up two separate browser tabs that have different filters set to view the project? or is there a way of creating tabs within the Asana interface itself? thanks!


Sorry for not being more clear. I mean within Asana itself. At the end of Overview, List, Board, etc. is a plus sign for you to create more of these (views tabs; I should have used the word views!):


So you can name as I suggested. In the image I named one “Risk Mgmt.” You can have 12 total.



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