Filter tasks assigned to 3 specific people

In a project, I’d like to filter the tasks such that I see only tasks assigned to 3 specific people.

I can filter tasks assigned to 1 person by opening the project, clicking “Filter,” and then typing their name.

How do I filter for 3 people?



Hello @Zachary_Goldman,

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Did you try advanced search already? There you have a lot more filter abilities :slight_smile: You can then also save the search reports.

You could also set up graphs under the Asana dashboard to filter/display data nicely. Then you can click through to see the relevant filtered tasks.

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Thanks, @Andrea_Mayer!

I did an advanced search. This successfully gives me the tasks from this project assigned to the specific 3 people (great!). However, the sections in the project are important, and I don’t see a way to group the search results based on each task’s section in the specific project.

Great :slight_smile:

For this I’d use the graph structure as there you can set up various filters as well.

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