How do I filter for multiple people in a project

In a project how do I filter for multiple people?

I have many projects that my team partakes in. And it would be great to filter out my view/team out of a project. We have a large number of projects with cross-functional teams and I spend so much time in Asana because the right views do not seem to be available.

Hello @Jasper_Kooij,

You can used advanced search and then save the search results.

You can also set up different graphs in the dashboard that are click through. In the graphs you can add various filters.

Another option would be multi-homing tasks so you split things up. Keep one main project containing all tasks and have separate projects for limited tasks (you can set up rules based on specific triggers that would multi-home them)

Does that help?

The search feature is not functional as a good view or overview, they are search results after all.

With many projects, Asana is just making it difficult to show the right information that can be useful with cross-functional teams. The double homing feature does not show the information by the project.

This is why I’m struggling so much with trying to keep on top of many tasks/projects/people