Allow "Filter by Project"

On the surface it would seem that this would be a strange request but with the great “multi-homing” feature of Asana I would find it helpful to be able to be able to filter by project within a project.

I my use case I would use this in our centralized “Active Work” project, great for seeing the big picture or all tasks across multiple projects, but would also like the ability to filter to just one project.

Too work around this I am creating a custom field for project name but this this is a bit redundant, extra effort and kludgy way to work around what what would seem could be a built in feature to the filter tool.

Thank you for the suggestion @Mike_Hoefer!
I think Advance Search is provided to serve that purpose, but it’d be indeed helpful if we can filter in the project by the multihomed projects.

P.S. My Tasks has the “sort by project” feature and porting that to projects might do as long as the project has a manageable number of tasks.

The Advance search is probably the best way and then you can save this search for use at any time.

I’ll give it a try. IIRC saved searches are user based, so not shareable with other team members? That is to say they would need to construct and save the search themselves?

@Mike_Hoefer , you can share saved search results. If you open the search, and click the chevron to the right of the Search Name, you get a “Copy Search Results Link” option.

Just wanted to note for (future readers) that IMHO “Filter by project” is still a valid feature request.

I appreciate the tips around advanced search and such but those results are presented in their own view/SERP vs just filtering the task in the current view (be it list, board, calendar) which would be helpful in our use cases.

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