FEATURE Request: Filter by Collaborator


I’ve recently introduced Asana to my team. I often have more than one team member working on a task. Rather than assigning multiple assignees (which will create separate tasks for each team member), I think it would be very helpful to add a Filter so that the collaborators have the ability to filter for tasks where they are not listed as the Assignee, as well.

Thanks for your consideration.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Until/if this becomes possible, you can:

  1. Click the “. . .” in the project’s header at the far right and choose “Search this project”
  2. Type “me” in the Collaborators field and click Incomplete
  3. Click the Search button

You can star that and save it to get to it in the future with one click, all refreshed.



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Thanks Larry!

Just want to point out that while this is helpful, for our team’s use case of having a sprint board with “Sprint Backlog”, “In Progress” and “Completed”, we lose that view when using the project search.

Stated here mainly to encourage it as a feature with a lot of added value, an in hopes the development team can make it a priority.

It would also be useful to be able to sum metrics such as story points based on the tasks that we collaborate on, as otherwise tracking metrics in Asana dis-incentivizes collaboration on tasks without duplicating the task

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Hi everyone,

+1 Vote from me.

I thought filtering by Collaborator existed as an option until the moment I needed it and realized it was not an option after all…

@lpb 's tip is good but again the results on screen are a bit chaotic: a huge list with tasks and subtasks all together. Thanks Larry by the way!

It’s a bit of surprise that you can filter anything… but not Collaborators :thinking:
Is there a reason for it?