Available Assignee's and Collaborators

Do I have it correct that when assigning a task or adding a collaborator, everyone in the organization is available. I have had some push back on this as this is what we developed in Sendana and I am under the belief this is the same in Asana. Larger organizations sometimes do not like this albeit both have autocomplete. @Marie or @Michael_A could you confirm this and @Jeff_Schneider maybe you could weigh in if this is true and if there is a way to limit in the use of the API to only Team members or Projects that a user is a guest or member.

Hey @James_Carl, I believe this is true. If you wanted to limit assignees/collaborators to just team members in your app, you could do some client side filtering.

For example, get the user’s team list and only offer those users as options for assignees and collaborators.


@Jeff_Schneider Can you explain how to do this filtering? I’m an end user, and I only want our Team members to be possible assignees to our tasks. Currently, everyone in the organization is showing up in the dropdown assignee list, and I’m worried we’ll accidentally select one and risk confidentiality. Thanks.

@Sara_Lujan, @Jeff_Schneider is a better resource but unless things have changed I am pretty sure that all organization members will show up.

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