Projects accessible for entire organization


Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a way to make projects accessible for every member of the organization? In our company every department runs its own teams in Asana, but some teams have projects that require colleagues from other departments to quickly add a task.

For example: Our technical support also handles internal IT - so whenever a printer is broken etc, we would usually assign a task in a dedicated project located in the Support-Team. However, I currently dont see a way to do this without people actually joining the Support-team in Asana beforehand. Am I missing sth or is this really not possible?




Hi @Alex_Hassel

You should be able to assign tasks to anyone within the organisation, regardless of whether or not they’re a member of your team. Our team is set for ‘Membership by Request’ but, like you, we still have to assign tasks to members of other teams without inviting them to ours.

If you click on Assign and start typing the person’s name, it should come up in the suggested list as long as they’re a member of your organisation. You can also invite them to join a project, where they’ll only be able to view what you’ve shared with them.


They can like you said join each team or better add them as a guest to the project for service requests:

Asana gives a great deal of flexibility to be limited to a Team, Project or task.


Hi @Mark_Hudson,

thanks for your reply. Assigning the tasks to other members of the organization is not the problem, its being able to assign tasks in specifiy projects placed in specifiy teams, eg. “Project Hardware” in “Team Internal IT”. I am looking for a way to make it possible for lets say members of the team “Accounting” to add tasks in said project “Hardware” located in the team “Internal IT” without having to join that team.


Hi Alex

You should be able to do this, but you’d have to manually add the relevant individuals as members of that project. So, in the example you’ve described, you would set up “Project Hardware”, then click the + to add project members and type in all of the members of the Accounting team. They would then be members of that specific project but not the “Team Internal IT” team. They should be able to add tasks, comments etc as normal.

I have a couple of projects like that, where some members are from other teams but can still contribute as if they were members of mine.