Globally-Accessible Projects Available to Entire Organization

Currently, a public team can create public projects, but there’s no way to make those available to our entire organization (ie, across all teams), without manually adding each individual employee. You would also have to add new hires, going forward. This is true in practice, and also checks out based on this guide article:

Technically, only Team Members can access a Public Team’s public projects and Team Conversations.

It would be really valuable to have a “global” permission option on projects, which would allow individuals to contribute toward a project without having to join the team. For example, we have a Bug Reports project within our Technology team. It doesn’t make sense for a member of our Education team to join the Technology team, but they frequently need to report bugs.

TL;DR - Globally-accessible projects would allow us to retain a logical structure and team ownership of a project, while granting automatic task-management capabilities to all organization members.

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@Casey_Dwyer great suggestion I have upvoted it. Make sure you do the same…



Actually this is usually solved by having a main team for every employee, where you can host company-wide projects. Allows you to use the Message feature at the team level as well, pushing announcements to everyone.


Heh, yeah we actually used to have one of those!

Removed it a couple of years back, however, because it got messy and project ownership wasn’t clear. It also doesn’t address the issue of having to manually add users to an additional team (ie, besides their primary/actual departmental team).

I have upvoted the feature as well, but we also use the global team which is open for everyone to access and then have specific teams. This is something we use not only for asana, but for other tools we have in place as well.