Let Anybody in the Company add a Task to a Project for My Team?


I’m trying to create a generic “Inbox” where anybody in the company can add a task for my team. They can assign as they wish or not at all. We’ll take these from the “Inbox” and make proper tasks out of them.

It seems like the only way to do this is to add everybody in the company to my team and then for the Inbox project choose privacy: public to team.

What I need here is the ability to add everybody in the company to a project, but not to my Asana team. Is there a way to do this? If not, ideas for other solutions to this need?

How do you let people make requests?



Helllo @Bill_Bernat,
I see two ways here:

  • you have to add everybody to project (not team) and than show them how to add tasks inside (if they don’t use Asana)
  • create form for that project (I recomend this solution) and send link to this form to everyone. In this case you will have control on your project’s tasks (only your team will have access to project)

More info about forms:

I hope it helps.

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