Asana Teams and Task Assignments




I am trying to explore the teams component of Asana but don’t really understand. Can you assign tasks within a project to different teams? Can you assign a task to more than one person at a time?

In an unrelated note: I realized I can see every team member’s tasks. Is it possible to make the “My Tasks” section private or only have assigned tasks be visible?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Katie,

A project is always belonging to a team, but as you mention, yes the project’s members can be part of the same team, but they can also belong to other teams. In that case, they will only see the projects you give them access to.

A task is always assigned to only one person, having only one person responsible of a task is the best way to have it done, it gives clarity on who is doing what by when.

Concerning MyTasks:

  • everyone who clicks on your profile picture can see your MyTasks
  • but thet will see only your public tasks, and the tasks of the project they share with you
  • they won’t see your private tasks (a task belonging to no project is private, a task of a private project is not seen either)

I hope this clarifies some points.


So in our case, we have multiple different teams working on one project and it would be useful to be able to assign a task to a team because it is under their scope of work. Does asana not have this capability?

Does that make sense?


No you can’t assign a task to a team.

A topic is already opened here: Feature request: Assign multiple assignees on one task

And if you want to read more about Asana’s decision, you can read this article on their blog: