What is a good workaround for creating Sub-Teams?

I am trying to find the best way to create projects for a large team in Asana and be able to provide visibility to a specific sub-group within that larger team.
For example, a team (Team1) is set to be public and we want to create a project shared under that team and also limit access to some of the members. What is the best way to go about creating this project? If we use “Public”, then anyone in Team1 has access to the project - we do not want that. If set to “Private to Project members”, by default the creator (project “Owner”) is the only one with initial access. Then, the project “Owner” has to individually invite other project members. This becomes very time consuming when there are multiple projects within a team, that require access to a subset of the team members. This subset of team members is not always the same… so the questions is can we have multiple sub-teams we can use rather than individually adding 30+ people each time we create a “Private” project?

I would recommend creating multiple teams, where you can store the different projects. You can have the same people in different teams and then use the teams just as a collection of projects. You can use a naming convention like Team_subteam.

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Thank you for the suggestion @Paul_Grobler. If I create multiple teams wouldn’t that create a lot of clutter and I end up in a similar situation as we are now?

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Yeah, it would. But unfortunately that’s about the only way to do it currently. Utilizing Portfolios can help a bit though.

It’d be nice if Asana would add a feature like ClickUp has where you can create teams, then filter, and save specific views by teams on an individual or group basis as you see fit.

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Asana does not seem to have a good way to organize teams. It is very frustrating to have to manually add 25+ people on several projects. I think it might be helpful to also have a 3rd option when creating a new project. If we can choose to have the project “Private to project members & assignees” this will grant more visibility to those added to tasks (if we want them to see the project).

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