How do I create one project with multiple teams

Have several teams in the department, and they are going to work on the same project. How can this be done in Asana? How can I share project between different teams


A project must live in one and only one team.

So your options are:

  • Place it in one of the existing teams and add as project members anyone who otherwise would not have access, or
  • Create a new team with the appropriate membership (if the “team” is an ongoing transient or permanent workgroup of people that might need other projects too, this might be the better solution).


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They way we work is that each team (under a manager) has their own team and projects in the asana where they track their team activities and progress.
Now we have project that requires the collaboration of two teams. Each manager wants to track his people and his part of the project as always. The TPM wants to see the entire project.

Seems weird that several teams can’t work on one project.

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