Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views.

Multi-filter + ability to save filters would unleash new worlds of value for Asana. If anyone can solve this it’s @rodrigo-davies


It would be great if this was available soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is crazy that Asana does not have this yet - MUST HAVE for a real project management software. We will be switching away from Asana if this isn’t developed soon.

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This is a must have in board view. I’m new to Asana and this could be a deal breaker.

Why would you only allow one filter? I don’t understand it.

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Agree that this is most definitely a valuable feature. Ability to create a custom filter and then SAVE it for use at any time :+1: , rather than having to recreate it every time you need it. :disappointed:

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Similar need on our side too.

We have boards that centralize lots of information, and we would like to create “views” of that board that can be bookmarked, similarly to what’s doable with “Search reports” already.

For instance, we have a project “Roadmaps” that centralizes both product roadmap and tech roadmap. And for each of those 2 roadmaps, they’re visually split by the “Product/Service” the tasks belong to.

What I’d like to do, is to create multiple views (one per product/service) to keep all those views up-to-date automatically. This way, I can get the big overview in the main view, and then get a filtered view to see each product/service independently.

The use cases are numerous. It’s very similar to what Airtable does.

Currently, I have one project per Product/Service, but it’s really not great because it can easily get out-of-sync if I forget to add a task in both the “Roadmaps” project and the related “Product/service project”.


Putting my vote in here for filtering by multiple fields. This is a NEED in productivity land. Please! :slight_smile:

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So frustrated this still isn’t implemented… ! :rage:

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Adding my vote to this feature request! Our team is still on a free plan, and I was going to use this feature as a push to move towards a premium plan. Looks like it a product-wide request :frowning:

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