Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views.

Any updates or comments on this from Asana side?


This is very important for our team as well.


2 years Asana! Are we ever going to get this basic requirement? :pensive:


I believe Excel 97 already had this multi-filter functionality and I would personally see this as 100% table-stakes. So in the spirit of the comments above, I would appreciate it if this can be moved to the top of the roadmap. Thanks!


@Jeffrey_Tjiok I love your optimism…! :joy: Maybe I should switch back to excel!

this creates a lot of inconvenience, and considering that there haven’t been any progress on that for over two years it just unbelievable.


+1 from me. Come on guys this is the only feature I think Asana Needs


Hey @Tim_Jasper

please provide examples of what filter/sort option combination you need.

Also, the save; would it be ok to save in the left sidebar under saved searches or would you prefer saving it under the Filter button (dropdown) above Quick Filters?

I’m reading through the comments dating back over two years; there’s a lot of them, and nothing has happened here yet? Bummer. Seems like a pretty low-hanging (and must-have) fruit. Simple example:

  1. Filter by Priority
  2. Filter by due date
  3. Save that view as default

Fingers crossed someone listens. Thanks!


Yes @Jens_Nordgaard , bewildering lack of response from Asana on some very basic features.

Hi everyone,

I was advised by a support agent from Asana to add this.

I want to be able to add additional parameters to a filter because at the moment you can only have one parameter to a filter e.g. ‘Assignee’ but I’d like to add another to filter issues further.

Hopefully this can be added in as I’m sure this will be useful to other beyond myself.


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Hi @Colin_Chang, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Adding my vote for this! My use for the board is very different than that of the designers working on their individual tasks. I’d like for them to be able to filter by assignee and save that view so they do not have to re-filter every time. I have other use cases as well, like saving a filter for internal projects only to reference when needed, or filtering for more than one parameter at a time. Thank you!


My vote as wel… It’s a must have in my opinion!


Dear @Asana Team,

is there any update on this? This is such a crucial feature, its hard to believe its not available yet.





+100 for this feature. It’s pretty 2000ish to have this ability. It’s hard to believe it’s not prioritized for 2 and half years since first requested

+101 constant annoyance from the lack of this feature.

This would be such a helpful feature – currently when we share project boards with stakeholders, we have to ask them to filter by one of the columns to create this view. Being able to save different views & share them would be amazing for stakeholder adoption! Please make this happen Asana :pray:

This needs to be a thing. I field regular complaints our team about the limited functionality of filters: some users have given up trying to manage particular projects in Asana and have reverted to using spreadsheets for this reason.