Filter Projects by 'My Tasks - Today/Recently assigned/upcoming/later '

Could we have a ‘My Tasks’ filter for projects? It would be very handy to review projects by this filter.
Projects could then be reviewed very quickly to see what tasks are assigned to me based on recently assigned, today, upcoming or later. It would also allow users to ascertain quickly what is due now. ie overdue or due today.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Tim_Jasper!

If I understood correctly, I believe your request is very similar to this one: Filtering 'My Tasks' by Project (and ideally Project Column as well)

If that’s the case, please let me know and I’ll be happy to merge them to consolidate feedback.

Thank you Tim!

Hi @Natalia

Actually this feature is completely different. I am talking about filtering any given project by ‘My tasks’.

ie filtering a project by tasks not only assigned to me but also filtering by today, upcoming or later. This would allow the filter to take advantage of tasks that are automatically moved up to today as they become due.


Got it @Tim_Jasper and thank you for the clarification!

I don’t believe this is in our near term plans but I’ll make sure to update this thread if I hear anything on my end.

Have a great week!

Premium has this filter ability:

Alternately, you could go to project List View and sort by Assignee. Then just look at your name.

Also, you could do an Advanced Search for Project = X and Assignee = Me (and status = Incomplete). Then save the search, which makes it a Report, which you can name “My Tasks in Project X” and revisit whenever you want that view.

Hi @Stephanie_Oberg I’m on Premium but unfortunately current filters are limited. ie you can only display one filter or another. The logic behind implementing filtering by ‘My Tasks - today’ view is that it would display all my tasks that are within the today section of ‘my tasks’ ie either dated today or before or items physically tagged as ‘today’. (for a selected project)

I do have this other feature request that would solve this issue (ie multiple filters etc)

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Hi @Natalia. I’m not a developer, but I imagine this would be straight forward to implement and the outcome would be very powerful.

The mechanism for ‘My Tasks’ (recently assigned/today/upcoming/later) is already implemented. All assigned tasks already have one of these flags assigned.

All that needs to happen is the addition of this filter to the project filters

I totally agree with Tim. It would be very useful to have an additional column/Field with the “‘My Tasks’ (recently assigned/today/upcoming/later)”-status in any tasks list.

Currently, you can’t exactly/quickly tell, whether someone is working on a project, since

  • the due date doesn’t tell you whether one has the task in his today-section
  • the My tasks status is buried in the tasks details

The column/Field would therefore add a further dimension to check the current state of any project/task list.

Hi @Natalia. Any updates on this? It would be incredibly quick to implement but very powerful to all. It’s just an additional filter in the drop down filters.

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