Filtering 'My Tasks' by Project (and ideally Project Column as well)

I think it would be a massive improvement if you could introduce the ability to filter ‘My Tasks’ by Project.
It’s great that ‘My Tasks’ shows all tasks assigned to you, is an independent view of the project lists/boards, and allows you to plan out all those tasks across these 3 time horizons.
A typical scenario, surely, is that you want to focus on one project in particular, with a clear view of what you have planned for Today, Upcoming, and Later.
I am a Premium user and even with the ability to perform Advanced Searches, there is no way to create reports which display the Today, Upcoming and Later view of tasks - all you get is a single list of matching tasks.
Furthermore, it would be great to be able to filter ‘My Tasks’ on both Tags and Board Column Names.
None of these features appear on the surface to be technically challenging and I would argue that in fact this should be a basic, out of the box offering.
Just take a look at and Bridge24 (as just 2 examples) to see how easy searching and filtering (and also grouping) is on both system and user-defined fields.
Hopefully this will be introduced soon as it’s one of the key aspects that are going to see me cancel my Premium subscription.

Did you try sorting “My Tasks” by projects? Doesn’t it answer your need?

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Unfortunately not - it’s the ability to view my Tasks with the time horizons (New Tasks, Today, Upcoming and Later) displayed, as per current functionality, but then being able to quickly filter that view for any given project to make it easy to see how you are planning to tackle tasks for that project. A bit like the Focus view in Omnifocus. Currently the view shows all tasks across all projects which, for users with a lot of projects & tasks, results in a lot of information being displayed when most users will be looking to focus on just one project at any given time.


Ok so you want both Today-Upcoming-Later and per project sort. Indeed not possible (yet)

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I’m also interested in this feature, from the angle of filtering my tasks by ‘not with tag’, so I have a tag like errands, and I want to only view my tasks relating to office tasks, so would like to filter out the errands tag.


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I would also be interested in this feature. Voted :slight_smile: