Ability to sort tasks by project within sections in my tasks view


I use a gtd like process to organize my project and tasks. I have a lot of tasks in Asana and I switch tasks between today / upcoming / later on a regular basis depending on my priorities. I try not to use too much due dates unless there’s a real due date.

With older version of my tasks I was able to see all tasks in Later section by projects but not upcoming and today. I had found a fix with advanced search but the Today / Upcoming / Later criteria has disappeared at some point. It was working for me but not for new team members.

I was hoping new my tasks would solve that and it’s very close to it because now you can sort tasks within sections for due date or alphabetical order. The only sorting type that doesn’t work like that is by project so it makes it impossible for me to review that many tasks in a complete disorder / mess. I still can’t go back to advanced search fix because I can’t search in my tasks “project”.

So please make it possible to sort tasks by project within sections in my tasks it will make it even more gtd friendly out of the box.


I have the same problem. The new update appears to have removed this essential feature for the Later section of My Tasks

I’m not seeing the Sort within Sections feature on My Tasks (under due date column). Is this only in a certain paid version of the program?

Capture d’écran 2021-06-25 à 06.42.44

Hi it’s just here. And below “Projet” which obviously means project :slight_smile: you have the option to sort by section. But it’s not working only when you select by project sorting.