Sorting "My Tasks" by Section

I run a Concierge Service and I currently set-up a new project for each new contract of service for my clients. Each New Project has the following sections. Tasks added by Client, Not Started, In Progress, Supplier Action Required, Client action required, Client needs to be updated., Completed Tasks, Deferred Tasks, Client no longer required task. It will be really helpful to me to see all the tasks (regardless of project) listed and sorted by section. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

Hi @Amanda_Horne1. Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately there is not an immediate and effortless way to accomplish this.

But, one potential option is for each project to add in a Custom Field ( list an abbreviation for each Section type), and select the section values for each task. Another option is to add a simple Tag for each task by according to the section type. ( Ex - By Client ; Not Start; I/P ; AR; Client AR, …)

Then you can just sort by this Custom Field or Tag in the Advanced Search filtered for the projects. These reports can be saved and actioned on an on-going basis for tracking.

Ideally the display of the results by sections would be part of the Advanced Search. That way you wouldn’t have to add any custom field/tags. But this is not an option yet. There is a product request to add this feature which you can upvote: Include Sections when Search results are sorted by Project Hope this helps!


Thanks Bernie for your considered answer. I will upvote to include sections when search results are sorted by Project. It definitely answers my question and I am happy to upgrade so I can have custom fields … but now my question is … if I move my task between each section will the custom field automatically be updated or will I need to change that each time? Thanks

Hi @Amanda_Horne1. If you a Premium or higher account, you can create a Rule in that project which automatically updates the field when you move section. The rule will be: * Task moved to a certain column / section --> set custom field. You will want to create a rule for each movement from section to section.

You can read more about Rules below. Hope this helps!

@Amanda_Horne1 and @Bernie_Orelup,

How? I don’t think it is possible to sort by custom field in advanced search results.

You could make multiple saved search reports, one for each different section type, and each one culling tasks from all client projects. No sort; instead you go to a different saved report for each of the statuses.

If you have all your client project in a team called Clients, you can specify “In Team” in the advanced search (use the Add Filter menu at the bottom); then you don’t have to update all the saved reports’ criteria every time you add a new client project.

Hope that helps,


Thank you both for the help. I appreciate you taking the time. I will work on this and see which option works best for me.

Hi @lpb. Sorry, a bit of a wording/terminology difference on my part. I meant to say “ … you can just filter by this Custom Field or Tag in the Advanced Search filtered for the projects. These reports can be saved and actioned on an on-going basis for tracking.

You are correct in that you can’t yet sort the reports by customs fields. For those following you can upvote for this request here… Possibility for Reports to be sorted by Custom Fields

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