Possibility for Reports to be sorted by Custom Fields



I’m new to Asana but loving it so far!

For Project Reporting for clients I am setting up a number of ‘Advanced Search’ reports based on whether something has a certain priority / custom field.

In a Task List view I am able to sort by these Custom fields, but on the Reports view I can’t sort by Custom Fields.

Do you know if this will be added soon?




+1 for sort by a custom field!


I’m surprised there isn’t more comment around this requirement. I’m often hitting this road block.
Scenario: searching for tasks based on multiple scenarios and then trying to sort by custom field. Not possible.


+1 for sort by custom field also!


Yes, absolutely necessary!
We use custom fields a lot to sort project lists.
However, when combining multiple projects in a report, this feature is gone.
Is this feature on your roadmap?


So very +1


I wanna have this too! +1


+1 for me too


+1 absolutely necessary


So very +1


very important + 1


+1 for sort by a custom field


+1 for me too


+1 me also


+1 we need this


+1 for me too


+1 Everyone needs this!

  • 1 … important!


+1 … very important


+1…very, very important