Problem creating a report where custom field values are the sections

Hello, I am trying to create a new report of tasks that are organized and laid out by a Custom Field – the way I see them organized in the videos. But when I do Advanced Search, the result is an unbroken list of tasks that do meet the criteria of the search. I am trying to create a report where the custom field I have searched by, replaces the section titles of the default list. Any help would be much appreciated!

@Michael_Quinn, Can you provide a screenshot of the search report you’re looking to recreate, or link to the whole video you describe? While you can search by custom fields and include them as a column in search results, I’m not aware that you can group/sort by them as you request.


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Thanks Larry – I see what I am after with sort. Not sure if I can filter a sort result (which puts the sort value at the head of each section, but I can do that manually, I suppose.

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I believe the report is « by design » a multi projects element and then nothing can be done on it if it does not apply to all projects. Not sure if my answer is clear, given that I am not sure I understood the question.

Hello, Bastien (and Happy New Year) – That is very helpful. Thank you. My goal is to easily create a single weekly report for a CEO that shows the status of top-line tasks across Projects that I have marked with a custom field to be included in that report. But does not allow the CEO to range around inside the project minutiae.

I like the way the Asana Sort feature organizes and formats the Task List by the Sort values (on the left).

Any ideas for how to accomplish this easily would be very welcome! Thank you!

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In addition to your use of the custom field to categorize top-line tasks, also multi-home (“Add to Project”) them to a new “Top Line” project.

In the Top Line project, sort by the custom field, then in the overflow menu choose “Save layout as default.”

Make your CEO a member of the Top Line project and she will see the tasks in the sort you described.

You’ll be using a project view, not a search result view, to achieve the result you want.



Outstanding - thank you so much!

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