Search custom fields in projects?

I would like to search (and ideally save a report) custom fields at the project level. Is this possible?

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Hi Hilary,
Have you tried with Advanced Search?
At the bottom of the Advanced Search window, you can add a filter “Custom Field”.


Adding to what @Julien_RENAUD mentioned:

You can learn more about Advanced Search as well as Reports in our Guide if you would like!

Thank you for your help! When I use Advanced Search and search for a custom field at the project level, the results are only tasks and conversations rather than the projects that have the custom field filled in with particular data. Is it possible to search within custom fields at the project level?


Ok sorry I didn’t understand well your question :wink:
Advanced Search is for tasks and conversations.
Nevertheless, if you use Advanced Search as I explained in my previous post, you can then sort the resulting list by project, and this way you can see all the projects having a specific custom field.

That is helpful to know, thank you! I hope that Asana eventually makes it possible to search custom fields at the project level. But in the meantime, this is a helpful workaround. :slight_smile:


Asana should really allow people to search all the data including the custom fields from the main search bar


Yes, this would be very helpful. Just like you can search for ‘Tags’ and save it to your Favorites! Screenshot 2020-12-17 at 11.38.07|337x154

Is this something that is in the works? We have to add anything we want to be searched into the task and that is super cumbersome. It would be extremely helpful to have the search include what is in the Fields as well

I would like to be able to add Custom Fields (or like a Customize option) in Saved Search area when I’m building out advanced search list views with multiple filters. I need to track large list of ranging tasks (ex. filtered by incomplete thru 14 Days and including multiple Portfolios/100 projects) and this is best option I’ve found in system to quickly get global visual. Want more custom field functionality to dig even deeper around timeline accountability and project status data points.

If any other Asana area or good reporting that does this, would love to know.

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I’d also love to be able to search by value in the custom field. Right now I’m limited to search by Asana created custom fields like Project size


Custom Fields is now really part of Asana and its sometimes so confusing when you dont find text you search, knowing its for sure there until you realize its in a Custom Fields and its not being part of search AT LEAST NOT YET
please do ASAP


Please add Custom Fields to a Full Search. It’s awful to make 7 clicks to find something :frowning:


@Marie Is there any update on this? In my case it also ´d be super helpful!

Any update on if this is going to be looked at? 5 years later.

Being able to search everything from custom fields to the comments would be nice, like an email search.

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