Can't seem to search on Custom Field?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I have a Project that has two Custom Fields, when I try and search on the contents of the field, the Custom Field doesn’t appear in the list of Custom Fields.

Steps to reproduce:
Advanced Search.
Add Filter
Custom Fields - Start typing Booking

Browser version:
Chrome version v76.

Upload screenshots below:


Hey @Jason_Woods,

Are you sure that “Booking Status” is not a project-specific custom field? Advanced Search only searches global custom fields (ones that they now refer to as being “in the organization’s library”), not project-specific ones.

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HI @Jason_Woods :wave:

What @Phil_Seeman is correct. As it stands, It is not possible to ran an Advanced Search for a Custom Field that is specific for a Project.

Can you please confirm this is the case for you?

Looking forward to your reply!

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I also realized that a few days ago, I was a bit shocked :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Yes @Phil_Seeman @Natalia it is a project level field.

Agree with @Bastien_Siebman am surprised I can’t search. What I wanted to do is run a report to identify a specific status to then decide what to do with it. Rather than filtering it as part of the Project list which is not the default view for the project.

@Natalia what was the reasoning behind excluding project level fields?


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I’m going to make a guess that it was twofold: first, since a project already has one view of all of its data, there isn’t that much to be gained from doing an Advanced Search that would just display data from that same one project; and second, it would be potentially awkward from a UI perspective - imagine an organization has two dozen projects containing the same project-level field name (i.e. these are different fields, just with the same name). As part of the Advanced Search display when you start typing the field name, you’d have to show the names of the projects that field lives in so the user could pick the field in the correct project. Not impossible to do UI-wise but not especially clean, either.


Makes sense, hadn’t thought about the same field used across multiple projects. Thanks for the follow up @Phil_Seeman


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