Custom Fields At A Project Level - Not Task



I’d like to see custom fields implemented at a Project level. I’d like to create a custom field for Client, Project Number, Amount. Then be able to sort, filter, find on those custom fields. For example “only show me the projects assigned to client XYZ”. Any chance of this happening?


Oh man, me too. This would help so much when we have an entire project with a single creative director or approver, instead of adding that to each task.


i vote for that one too!
Difficult to integrate with other apps otherwise.


I completely agree. I hope it is something that asana is considering.

I made the same suggestion as a part of a bigger vision in this post/thread here: A better Dashboard for high level overview

If you think “project tags/fields” is something you want i think you will find the whole thread interesting :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback everyone! We do get this request quite often and it’s on our radar!


We are just getting started using Asana and this feature - to add custom fields at the project level - e.g., to determine overall Project Health - would be awesome!! Any plans to implement this feature any time soon?


But we did get Siri support :frowning:


I vote for this one as well. When we outline a project there are certain aspects that we set at a project level and separate fields we want to set at the task level.


This is also something I’d like to see. It would be very helpful so I could see things at a glance about the project, i.e. billing schedule, total budget, and so on.