Custom Fields At A Project Level - Not Task

I’d like to see custom fields implemented at a Project level. I’d like to create a custom field for Client, Project Number, Amount. Then be able to sort, filter, find on those custom fields. For example “only show me the projects assigned to client XYZ”. Any chance of this happening?


Oh man, me too. This would help so much when we have an entire project with a single creative director or approver, instead of adding that to each task.

i vote for that one too!
Difficult to integrate with other apps otherwise.

I completely agree. I hope it is something that asana is considering.

I made the same suggestion as a part of a bigger vision in this post/thread here: A better Dashboard for high level overview

If you think “project tags/fields” is something you want i think you will find the whole thread interesting :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! We do get this request quite often and it’s on our radar!


We are just getting started using Asana and this feature - to add custom fields at the project level - e.g., to determine overall Project Health - would be awesome!! Any plans to implement this feature any time soon?

But we did get Siri support :frowning:

I vote for this one as well. When we outline a project there are certain aspects that we set at a project level and separate fields we want to set at the task level.

This is also something I’d like to see. It would be very helpful so I could see things at a glance about the project, i.e. billing schedule, total budget, and so on.

This was said to be on the radar in May '17. Can you give an update? I am a premium trial member. I find that the absence of fields/tagging at the project level is a major shortcoming, for many of the reasons others have stated.

Hi @Kenneth_Obel,

Portfolios has recently been released and addresses many of these requests including the “custom fields at a project level” in the title of this thread, as shown in But I’m afraid Portfolios is only available as part of a new tier called Business which is at least twice the cost of Premium, though you can request from Sales or Support a temporary free trial of it.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi

Thank you. It’s not clear to me from the guide page whether what I am requesting is included. It seems that Portfolios gives you a view of the normal Custom Fields associated with each Project. But those appear to be fields that still apply at the Task level.

I am looking to be able to apply fields that characterize Projects rather than Tasks.

Can you clarify, if you know?


Yes, it’s definitely custom fields at the project level, usable only within Portfolios.

Can you cite me to where? I don’t see that; the references I see (which are admittedly brief) seem to be referring to the task-level custom fields.
Thank you.

The Guide page I referred to above says “View the custom field values for each project” and the screenshots show the ability to apply one or more custom fields to each project in the portfolio, and that’s indeed how it works. You may be able to ask for a trial if that helps.

Thanks, Larry. I find the language “View the custom field values for each project” ambiguous. I agree that trying it would be the best way to find out.

Just for the benefit of others who might be following this thread, some of us already consider this “settled law.” :smile:

PLEASE add custom fields at the project level!


Custom fields at the project level are key. Is this truly only available/going to be available under Business subscription? We have Premium.

Hello Asana team,

I’d like to request that you implement custom field in the Project details section of a project.

Were using Asana as a contract/task manager. So its extremely powerful being able to reference specific pieces of a contract at a glance without having the reference the original document. Custom fields in project details would allow us to create fields such as contract #, Contract dollar value, Contract Agency, Contract Type, etc. these bits of information are extremely important during discussions with cross functional teams.

The current method to access this is having to open an attached spreadsheet that houses the contract information. Having the custom fields would allow us to leave the Asana tab/page less as the information would be accessible with one click once you’re in the project page.

Hope you consider this request!