Custom Field only for the project

Hi, sorry if this question is too basic, but I’m pretty new to Asana. I knew how to create custom fields. But I want to have custom fields ONLY at the project level and not at the task level. For example, I want to have a Planned Budget field that only applies to the project and no to the tasks, I don’t even want it viewable in that tasks. Is this possible?
thanks in advance

Hi @Diego_Mariani! Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, although I can see why you would find it useful. I’ll move your post to the “product feedback” category, which will allow other community members to vote for your request! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marie!

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We’ve got a possible workaround, Diego. We use headers to categorise projects in our sidebar. We have an empty project with a title that stands out from the others, and we use that as a section header. Here’s the header for our templates section:


I know it’s not quite what you’re looking for, but it’s a good way to group projects in one place.


Thank you Mark, maybe that will solve part of my problem. Anyway I need more fields like PM of the project, info that finally I want to present in the dashboard.

thanks again.


Good point @Mark_Hudson :+1:t3:

We put PMs/owners in the project description! Custom fields would be nice for an added dashboard view though.

Thanks, same to what I do also with PM and others fields, but it start to get sloppy…