Add Task Specific Custom Fields

Asana currently has the ability to create project-level custom fields that populate across all tasks within a project. This is great until you merge tasks across multiple projects that each have specific project-level fields and all fields are inherited which can be both a visual and informational overload.

It would be very useful if a task template allowed for task-specific custom fields. This would allow multiple “types” of tasks to exist in a project and only reflect the appropriate fields applicable to the task at hand. Are task-specific custom fields going to be added to Asana?

They don’t give lookaheads on the roadmap, but in this case, I wouldn’t expect that change to be made.

Are you sure you need so many project-specific fields? Are you making full use of global fields? In other words, if your Projects are Panda and Walrus, do you have a field called “Panda Priority”? Or does Panda have “Eucalyptus Order #” and Walrus has "Clams and Oysters Order #? A global field could be “Feed Order #”.

Is there something about your Projects that prevents use of primarily global fields?


To do this, in my organization, I create a project for each type of task and multi-home them in the project related to their task type.

In the "master’ project I house all of the rules & custom fields that apply to all pf the tasks & in the prijects specific to the task type i house all of the rules & custom fields that should always apply to those types of tasks.

The custom fields can be updated anywhere & the rules will trigger no matter where the task is being updated.