Task Template: Ability to assign fields specific to the task template

AS I am working with Task templates, I would like to have a control to decide and tag the relevant fields and may be List of Values of a picklist type of field to a respective task template.
Currently any custom field we create, gets automatically tag with any task template you create.
Appreciate any suggestions here from the community.

Hi @Nitaish_Gulati welcome to the forum.
So all tasks in a project will inherit the custom field options of the project. You can say that tasks of a certain type are always tagged with certain custom fields and the others are blank.

Thank You @Danielle-GenD for your response.
Does that mean - All task templates within a Project will always have all the custom fields reflected?
Since, different task templates can be a reflection of different process there by there is a need to have the flexibility to Field assignment to a task template based on the business requirement.
Is this achievable? how you suggest such scenario be handled?
Again thank you for your response.

Hi @Nitaish_Gulati task templates are a part of a project so all tasks/templates inherit the custom fields of the project. I would say that separate processes should be separate projects with independent custom fields. Therefore the task templates in that project would make sense.

Thank You @Danielle-GenD for your response. Noted. Understood the way the template model works. However, having the flexibility of template-based controls will be a great addition, as everything in Asana is task based. Given the context of the project and what we are tracking managing our pipeline. But thanks for your inputs.

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Welcome, @Nitaish_Gulati,

Until/if Asana adds more specific support for this, you can actually address the need with Asana right now in this manner:

Only add to the project those custom fields needed for every task/task template; if none meet this criteria, then don’t add any custom fields to the project.

For each task template that requires unique custom fields, create a new project, add the custom fields fields there, and multi-home the task template fields to that project with the specific custom fields.

Repeat for every additional task template.

Hope that makes sense.



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