Custom Fields For all Projects and Teams

I need to add two custom fields to all projects. At this time, we are leaning towards using Teams (agency managing multiple projects for multiple clients). However, one thing I am unclear on is if I can create a Custom Field that appears in all Projects across all Teams? (I know I can add them each time I setup a project, but since we use these for every client and every project, I was hoping to streamline.) Thanks!

Hi @elizabeth.earin,

This is the perfect follow-on question, and answer, from your previous question that I just replied to. The answer here is yes, you can - by using a template! (Or multiple templates if you need some variation in the project configuration.)

Just create a template that contains those custom fields; then each time you create a new project from that template, the custom fields will automatically be there. And per your other question and my answer, this works across the whole organization, including having multiple teams.


Thank you Phil!

Is it possible to create a Custom Field that is for the project, and then carries to all the tasks in that project? I am trying to figure out a way to streamline the setup - and void mistakes from being made.

Not quite sure I understand the question… If a custom field exists in a project, it’s found on all tasks in that project. Do you mean you want to populate all tasks in the project with the same specific value in a certain custom field?

Yes, every task in the project will be part of the same statement of work. Is there a way to assign the same custom field drop-down to every task in the list without having to click on it in every task? (Like the task “inherits” the information in that custom field?)

If you set the value in the template, then the tasks that are created from that template will contain that value.

Does that help; or is it that the value will be different in different projects so therefore you can’t set it in the template?

It will be different from project to project, but it is so easy to update, I don’t really think it will be that big of a deal.

Actually if it will be the same value for all items (or a subset of items) in the project, you can use Shift-click to select multiple tasks, and then set the value of the custom field for all of those selected tasks at once.

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Awesome - thanks!