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Custom field shared amongst multiple projects. In our workflow, we have tasks that are moved from one project to another depending on the current status of a task. It would be great if a particular set of custom fields could be shared amongst projects, so changes in the set would reflect across projects.

Although I have the same custom fields add in the library and in the different projects, adding values to the custom fields and then share the task to the other projects I need to add the values in each single project.

Is there a way around this where I only need to change the custom field in one of the projects so that its reflected in the projects where that task is shared?

Hope I make sense here…

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I am confused, because if the field is in the library, and added to each project, then this is the same field, even if the task is multi-homed into several projects, it should have one single value for that field… Do you have an example maybe?


The shortcut I use is to one-time create a project and add the set of org-wide custom fields needed for this purpose to it instead of adding these fields to each of the multiple status-based projects. Multi-home any task that needs this set of fields to that new project, along with whichever status-based project the task happens to be housed in at the time.

This use of a project as a collection of custom fields may not be intuitive but it’s useful and can reduce maintenance–if you need to add to the set of custom fields you can do that in a single place now!

@Bastien_Siebman wrote this up once as cherry picking I think.


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