Projects sharing the same custom field

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Is there a way for multiple projects to use the same custom field? For example, a custom field where we can put a link to a document. This way, multiple projects can share the document. Here’s a screenshot of a sample task in multiple projects in which we want to use the same custom field but failed: Snip - SAO [Company Meeting] AGENDA - GOAL [YT-ADS] [FYT] [WEB-EG] v4 - Asana - Google Chrome

I submitted a ticket about this but didn’t receive any response.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi @anon39520473,

yes, multiple Projects can share a custom field. Usually when you add a task to a project, the custom fields of that project should show up in your task.

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Hi @anon39520473 as ug_josh says it will show up in the task if it is multihomed in both projects. If you want to see it as a custom field column. Make sure you have added that field to the library and then import that specific one into the new project. Then it will share that field.


Hi @anon39520473,

To elaborate a bit on what’s been said here: it’s important to understand that there are two types of custom fields in Asana, project-specific fields and global custom fields. The latter live in your organizational custom fields library. So if you want a custom field to be shared across multiple projects, the best thing to do is add it to your organizational library.

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Thank you so much, guys @_josh , @Danielle-GenD , @Phil_Seeman !!! Appreciate the swift response. :pray: :smiling_face: