Linking custom fields across projects

I have tried to search and have not found what I am looking for. Is it possible either natively or with a workaround to have the value from a custom field reflect across projects? For example: I have a custom field called Email which is a yes/no dropdown. If I link the task to another project I will see the field in the details but the field does not show the status from the original project. I have to set it in the second project manually.

Hi @CALVIN_JOHNSTON and welcome to the forum!

There are two types of custom fields: project-specific fields and organization-wide custom fields which live in your “custom fields library”.

It sounds like this custom field is a project-specific field in each of the two projects, so it’s really two different fields, hence why the value is not showing up in the other project.

What you probably want to do is go to the second project, edit the custom field (via the Customize menu), confirm that the custom field is project-specific, then if so, delete it.

Then go to the first project, edit the custom field, confirm that the field is project-specific and if so, select to add it your your custom fields library.

Then go back to the second project and add the field from the library.

You can read the help docs here for more info on this:

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