Sharing limited fields from one task with another project

Hi. I know its easy to share one task in multiple projects. Follow up question is on the “Fields” associated with that project and if all fields are always visible in all projects even if those fields are not part of that new project.

Example Task 123 is part of Project A and Project B. When setting up project A i added 4 fields and created task 123 in there. Then i create new project B with only 2 fields in the whole project. Now once I share task 123 to Project B, I see 2 fields on the list view (perfect) BUT when i click on task details I still see 4 fields (not good for my use case). I want Project B users to only have access to the 2 fields within their project not full access to Project A fields. Maybe I have access to both projects and that is why only I am seeing all 4 fields in project B. if I only have access to Project B will I see only 2 fields then even i task details? That would work.

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Hi @Aamir_Butt,

No, I’m afraid they will see all 4 custom fields. You can read more about it here:

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@Aamir_Butt and @Phil_Seeman,

Unless I’m mistaken, you could achieve this with project-specific custom fields, but not with global (org-wide) custom fields. (Note that project-specific custom fields have limitations including not in advanced search). See also 🔐 Be careful with sensitive information in custom fields.



Thanks, Larry, you are correct, I forgot about that discovery. @Aamir_Butt, make sure you follow what’s in Larry’s post and you should get what you’re wanting.

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oh great. thanks for all the information @Phil_Seeman and @lpb

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