Restrict Fields To Only One Project


We have a team structure where requests come in through a request channel and are added to a central Asana project of which multiple subteams are members.

We then add these projects to other projects which each subteam then manages. Our problem is that we have many fields which are relevant only to one project but not to others. At the moment our stacking fields are making the tasks messy.

We would like to restrict the fields to appear only on certain projects, so they don’t clutter up the task.

I already know that we can have global fields, which will then be updated across projects, which is great,
I also know that non-global tasks will not show data across projects.
I also know that fields only appear to those who are members of both projects, and that in a sense the viewing of fields could be restricted that way, but this does not work for us as, we are all members of all the projects.

Is it possible to prevent fields entirely from carrying over between projects? Or are there ways we can adapt membership to limit the fields we can see across projects, while still maintaining editing rights?

Thank you!

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I have found this feedback request thread that I think is relevant in your case:

And this one as well

Is there a solution for this yet? I don’t love that custom fields show up every time I add a project member’s board to a central project. I have multiple “status” fields because each member has their own and it makes it really confusing to tag tasks in the project. Help!


The tools available to you were mentioned in the original post in this topic and nothing has changed, I’m afraid.