The ability to hide Custom Fields applied to a task that don't belong to the project in which the task is being viewed

I really like the solution that was recently introduced which provided the ability to hide Custom Fields on subtasks within a Project. I believe that many would appreciate the opportunity to hide Custom Fields on task AND subtasks in the same way IF the Custom Fields pertained to another project. Through the use of multi-homing you can assign tasks to multiple projects. This then consolidates ALL the Custom Fields across those projects within the task. However, you can only view the tasks as a function of one project at a time (unless performing an Advanced Search). By that I mean, the web address to the task is different because there are separate strings for each project. I think it would be really nice to only show the Custom Fields pertain to the project in view and hiding the others by default (with the ability to show additional fields if the user chose to do so)

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us @Jerod_Hillard.

This is a great idea! And although I don’t believe we are planning to tackle this in the near future this is definitely something to consider for future updates! :crossed_fingers:t5: Of course, I’ll keep you posted if I have any updates on my end!

Have a great day!

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Where are all my multi-homing fans at?!?!

Does nobody else feel this would create a cleaner experience yet still allow for relative data to be seen with just a click of the mouse.m?