Can I hide project name but give access to custom fields


I outsource a lot of pieces of my projects to different freelancers and I don’t always want them to see the name of the project (since it’s usually the name of my client or their company).

But, I do always want the freelancers to be able to see the custom fields within th task, since there are certain things the freelancers need to do with them.

From what I can see this can’t be done - or am I missing something?



@KarenV, I think it could be done, but you might find it cumbersome.

You could multi-home the tasks to an additional project with a more obscured project name, and make the freelancers members of that alternate project, not of your main project.

But in order for the freelancers to see the custom fields, those must be added to a project the freelancers have access to, so you could use this alternate project for that purpose and include them there in that project (or even in a third project so long as you and the freelancers have access to it).

Assignee being able to see custom fields

Thanks @lpb. It’s an idea, these workarounds are usually never 100% perfect.

I wish there was a more granular way to control who sees what for cases like this.


We’ve been doing this for a few days but yes, it’s cumbersome…

I thought we might create some kind of list for the clients’ names we want to hide…but that is cumbersome too.

Any other ideas?

Anybody else need to hide project names from freelancers or other outside people, yet need those people to have access to the custom fields?